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Anita Musioł


Books are my passion, publishing is what I do best. Over the years, working for large publishers, I dreamed of doing it all on my own: building a publishing house from scratch, choosing books for my list, shaping and deciding what and how I publish.

I graduated from the University of Warsaw with two MA degrees, in Applied Linguistics and American Studies. I’ve been working in the book business on the Polish market since 1998. For over 15 years I was in charge of publishing and editorial departments for the biggest publishers on the Polish market: Egmont Polska (2002-2011), Świat Książki (2011-2013) and Grupa Wydawnicza Foksal / W.A.B. (2013-2016). I was responsible for strategy, publishing plans, budgeting, foreign rights, and production. Over the years, I published thousands of titles in various genres: upmarket fiction and nonfiction, chick lit, children’s books and YA, self-help and cookbooks.

After leaving my last corporate job in 2017, I decided to make my dream come true and strike out on my own. I built my own boutique publishing house, specializing in literary foreign fiction. The first book (Legend of a Suicide by David Vann) by Wydawnictwo Pauza was published in January 2018. In the first year of its existence, Pauza released 5 books in total. The following year, 10 new titles were published. The „pandemic” year 2020 saw the launch of 13 new titles, bringing the total to 28 titles.

In 2020, I also opened my online shop (www.wydawnictwopauza.pl/sklep), and started my Pauza podcast (available here https://wydawnictwopauza.pl/pauza-na-antenie/, on Spotify and on other platforms).

There are many new plans for 2021, among them a nonfiction series featuring works by Pauza’s fiction authors.

My goal and mission is to bring many wonderful new writers from all over the world to the Polish literary scene! Stay tuned!

A boutique publishing house specializing in foreign literary fiction. The first book by Pauza Publishing was released in January 2018. I look forward to introducing Polish readers to some of the best foreign fiction!

– Anita Musioł

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